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    Beladi Salhapur village is located in the Roorkee block of Haridwar district. The village is governed by Beladi Salhapur Gram Panchayat. Its location code or village code No. is 056436 (according to census 2011). It is at a distance of 7 km from Roorkee and about 350m from NH-58 which connects Roorkee to Haridwar. The nearest major Railway stations are Roorkee and Haridwar Junction.

    The total geographical area of the village is 248.77 hectares. Beladi Salhapur has a total population of 2500(approx.). The village consists of two sub-villages. The first one, known as ‘Old Beladi Salhapur’ is located on the right-hand side of the main road (Roorkee to Haridwar) and consists of approximately 450 households, and the other, known as ‘New Beladi Salhapur’ about 200m away.

    Nearly 70 per cent of the villagers are engaged in agriculture or agriculture related work, however the number of big farmers is very less, as majority of the farmers are low scale farmers. 20-25 % people work as agriculture and construction workers and the rest are engaged in either dairy or selling other animal products’ and a very few of them employed in the service sector (private companies etc.).

    There are two Government schools in this village for boys and girls. There is one Co-operative Society (more of a Self Help Group) in this village which provides loan to the villagers, however this society doesn’t function smoothly due to the lack of money within the group. Majority of the population are Scheduled Castes (SCs). The village has mainly two Castes, i.e. “Rhods” and “Sainis”. Apart from the houses of a few Upper Caste people, majority of the houses are made with bricks and have 1-2 rooms. The main source of drinking water are the hand pumps (groundwater) installed almost at every house. Public water taps are also installed by the Government. The number of such taps is around 20-30. But the taps remain dry most of the time as testified by the villagers. The home cleanliness level is decent but the village sanitation, cleanliness of ponds and other water bodies, the public drains and the scattered waste around the village presents a governance issue in the village.

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    April 6, 2019
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Village Details

Comprehensive data about the village.


Level Details
State Uttarakhand
District Haridwar
Gram Panchayat Beladi Salhapur
Village Head/Pradhan Pinki
Block Roorkee
Block Officer
Polica Station


Particular Total Male Female
Total no. of Houses 340
Population 1860 1001 859
Child (0-6) 309 172 137
Schedule Caste 1263 675 588
Schedule Tribes 0 0 0
Literacy 60.16% 68.03% 50.98%
Total Workers 504 469 35
Main Workers 479 449 30
Marginal Workers 25 20 5

Land Use Map & Physical Map

Mapped data of land use and area of the village.

Land Use Map

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Village Team

  • Piyush Yadav

    Village Co-ordinator

  • Ujjawal Garg

    Village Co-ordinator


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